Conditions of pariticipation at the Brandnamic Academy

Conditions of pariticipation

In order to participate in a Brandnamic Academy event, you must meet the specified requirements. For certain events, a selection of participants is carried out. In the interests of our customers, we would like to form as homogeneous a circle of participants as possible. The details of the programme will be announced in the language of the speakers of the respective course. In this way, everyone can decide for themselves whether their language skills are sufficient for participation.


You can register quickly and easily online ( The registration is immediately binding. If the event is already fully booked, we will get in touch with you. We recommend that you register early, as the number of participants is limited for quality reasons. If places are still available, registrations will also be accepted after the registration deadline.

Participation fee and service

The fee of a Brandnamic Academy event is normally valid for participation in the event and a confirmation of participation. If the fee includes other services, this will be stated in the event description. Fees do not include VAT.


Unless otherwise stated, the participation fee must be paid on receipt of the invoice. Normally, the fee will be paid after the event has taken place. If you are a hogast or gastro-pool member, you will receive the invoice for the event from hogast or gastro-pool, otherwise from Brandnamic. We kindly ask you to pay the invoices issued by Brandnamic by bank transfer: (Cassa Raiffeisen Castelrotto – Ortisei, IBAN: IT96 E08056 23100 000300013277, SWIFT-BIC: RZSBIT21011). The name of the participant and the name of the course must be stated in the bank transfer to Brandnamic GmbH.


In case of cancellation by the organiser

Brandnamic GmbH is entitled to make changes to the invitation to tender for organisational reasons and to cancel an event at short notice. In the event of cancellation, participants who have already registered will be notified, and, upon request, rebooked for another event.

In case of cancellation by the registered persons (cancellation conditions)

You can cancel your registration free of charge at any time until the registration deadline; you must do so in writing. For later cancellations, a cancellation fee of 50% is charged; in case of cancellation or non-appearance, the participation fee is be refunded. A rebooking to another event is not possible. The cancellation fee does not apply if a suitable substitute is registered.

Certificate of participation

A certificate of participation will be issued to the participants at the end of the event. The issue of a copy of the certificate of participation is guaranteed for a maximum of 10 years after the start of the event.

Regulations for the use of the PCs, electronic devices, and Wi-Fi of Brandnamic GmbH

  1. For the courses of the Brandnamic Academy, Brandnamic GmbH provides internet access via Wi-Fi in order to be able to track course-related content on the PC or on other electronic devices (hereinafter referred to as "Service"). The use of the provided internet access, as defined in point 2, is subject to the consent of the user.
  2. The following users may use the service: Participants and speakers of the Brandnamic Academy (hereinafter referred to as "Users"). For surfing the Internet the user must be identified, a personal access is created, and the form with the personal access data is handed over to the user by Brandnamic GmbH. The assigned personal password is valid for the duration of the service. The use of the PC, surfing the internet, chat, social media, forums, e-mail, and all other programmes is only permitted for the purposes mentioned in point 1.
  3. Responsibilities and obligations of the user: Only the user is responsible for the security and confidentiality of documents and data processed by him. The user bears the full and sole liability for all consequences of the use of the EDP systems and the internet connection, in particular for all unlawful or illegal actions, the violation of protected accesses, the copyright and licensing rights, or the use of the internet service. Changes, deletions, and damages of the configuration of the software and/or hardware are to be strictly omitted. It is forbidden to install software, including software that can be downloaded from the internet, without the approval of the responsible personnel. In the event of non-compliant use of the service in accordance with the purpose specified in point 1, Brandnamic GmbH reserves the right to interrupt the service at any time and to deactivate personal access.
  4. The user expressly acknowledges that Brandnamic GmbH cannot be held responsible for any defamatory, abusive, or illegal behaviour of the users and that the liability for possible damages is exclusively and entirely borne by the users. Brandnamic GmbH is not obliged to verify the legality, truthfulness, validity, diligence, non-disclosure, non-offensiveness of the user's contributions, and in particular, but not exclusively, the user's contributions made during the provision of the service.

In accordance with the Data Protection Act, we inform you that the MAC address of all equipment that uses the service will be recorded and archived in order to provide information to the authorities if necessary.

Changes to the conditions of participation and information

The present conditions of participation and notes will be revised by Brandnamic GmbH if necessary.

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